The Name Calling Apes

This is a tale of the name calling apes. These are a bunch of apes pretending that they are ‘human’. The point of our tale is: none of the apes has the slightest clue of what a ‘human’ is or even how a ‘human’ looks.

Let’s look at it in this way: if one of these apes were to ask one another to describe a ‘human’, they either would describe themselves or another ‘human’ ape — that is, either the ape that they are or a generic ape they think more worthy of that ‘human’ name. So the conclusion is rather obvious: being ‘human’ is somewhat arbitrary and idealistic. At least for the apes of our tale.

In practice, being ‘human’ equates with being an ape, notwithstanding their refusal to call themselves anything other than ‘human’. Because they are those apes and they are the ones calling themselves ‘human’, they are ‘human’ in the sense that they are name calling apes calling each other ‘human’.

‘Human’ or not, apes definitely, these apes are in contradiction between what they truly are and what they think they are. This is a very complex issue — at least they think it so when they think about it with their apish minds.

No matter how evident things are, the name calling apes are always calling each other other names; and on top of those names they attach even more names, creating a whole universe of names that they use to call each other and every other thing.

Since there are virtually as many names as things in the universe, the names the name calling apes have at their disposal are virtually infinite. And this is the source of complexity and contradiction within which the name calling apes find themselves when they try to understand the way things truly are.

The name calling apes’ discussions are very interesting for they show another hidden in plain sight character of their own apish character. They use a lot of these names to name call each other, and while doing so behaving as apes; but they are unable to accept that apish behavior as evidence of their natures because the only acceptable evidence is that being ‘human’ is their only acceptable nature.

That is why it seems almost impossible for the name calling apes to really look at each other and understand what lies beneath their ‘human’ actions. They call it ‘motives’, but motives is just another fancy word for that apish nature they so reluctantly refuse to accept or even understand.

Since the name calling apes are trapped in being name calling and being those apes, these apes, in spite of their so called capacity of being able to discuss things, while discussing, the only thing they actually do is to name things and name themselves other things, sometimes even calling each other ape, but only as an insult and never as a compliment.

And here ends our little tale, the tale of the name calling apes and the names they call. These are the apes that refuse to be apes while pretending to be ‘human’. Thinking themselves ‘human’, these apes that by default name calls everything by name name everything while believing things and themselves to be the names they’ve called. Thus our tale: ‘the name calling apes’.

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